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The digital domain is a constant source of new and often complex legal questions ranging from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to IT project negotiations. The Privacy & IT sector team helps clients observe rules correctly and successfully resolve disputes.

Our services

We advise clients on privacy and IT matters. We check whether they are ‘privacy proof’, give advice on missing documents, and review agreements and contracts they have received from third parties. We give advice when they encounter problems or become entangled in disputes over delivered products and services and litigate forcefully and cleverly if negotiations come to naught.

Our areas of expertise

Rassers’ Privacy & IT team has extensive experience in diverse areas, such as:

  • privacy law: privacy issues in the workplace (sick leave, camera surveillance, staff tracking systems, surveillance of email, telephone, and internet use), drafting of privacy statements and protocols;
  • data protection: GDPR and the obligations ensuing therefrom (processing register, data protection officer), drafting of protocols and data processing agreements, data breach notification;
  • IT: drafting and reviewing of IT contracts and related terms and conditions and disputes (failed automation projects, poorly functioning software or inadequate service);
  • IP/intellectual property (domain names, data and databases, licence agreements);
  • general terms and conditions.

This is how we do it

The various lawyers of the Privacy & IT team each have their own expertise. Our approach is pragmatic and focuses on the client; the team keeps its lines of communication short. Clients thus benefit from fast and concrete advice tailored to their specific situation, no matter the question.

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