Construction and government

Governmental private law activities

Governmental private law activities The government also engages in private law transactions. Whenever the government acts as a private law entity (e.g. as a buyer, seller, tenant, lessor or any other contracting party), administrative law and private law become closely intertwined. The lawyers at Rassers also have extensive experience at the interface of administrative law and private law.

Our services

We advise entrepreneurs, institutions, private individuals and public authorities when they enter into private law transactions or engage in property development. We can guide you through the entire process, ranging from the drafting and review of agreements to litigation on any disputes that might ensue.

Our areas of expertise

Our experience covers the entire spectrum, including:

  • Contracts between public authorities and private individuals, entrepreneurs or institutions (e.g. purchase agreements, leases, tenancy agreements, ground leases, property development agreements, anterior and posterior agreements and operating agreements)
  • Government liability (lawful and unlawful government acts)

This is how we do it

We apply both our private law expertise and our extensive experience with administrative law when dealing with questions or disputes in this area. Our familiarity with both areas enables us to make a sound appraisal of which steps need to be taken throughout the entire process. This may vary from using the legal remedies under administrative law to initiating civil proceedings, or a combination of both.

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