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Pension law

Pension by far outranks all other employment benefits. Employees are more aware of their pension rights than ever before, with increased litigation as a result. Our specialised lawyers can help businesses fulfil their duty of care and represent them in potential disputes.

Our services

We advise clients on every aspect of pension as a term of employment concluded by an employer and an (ex-) employee. We guide clients through proposed changes but can also serve as advisers, negotiators or legal counsel in the event of conflict with individual employees or sectoral pension funds.

Our areas of expertise

Courts currently tend to interpret an employer’s duty of care quite broadly. Our specialised pension lawyers keep up with and help our clients anticipate current developments and case law.

We also have extensive experience with scope of application investigations into whether participation in a sectoral pension fund is mandatory. In practice, many companies are unaware of this, which could result in considerable claims, some of which are only time-barred after 20 (!) years. This means that a sectoral fund could claim repayment of pension premiums for up to 20 years.

This is how we do it

Our specialists are able to rapidly and thoroughly analyse the consequences of any proposed change, long-term consequences included.  We are also able to quickly master a dossier in the event of a dispute involving loss of pension due to past changes. In both cases, we are able to provide employers with solid advice on the required course of action.

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