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Dismissal is a sensitive process that involves all manner of legal conditions and procedures. The lawyers at Rassers help their clients make choices that offer the best prospects for achieving a satisfactory result.

Our services

We make termination arrangements and supervise dismissal procedures via Employee Insurance Agency UWV, and contract dissolutions via the subdistrict court. Our lawyers advise employers on dismissals but also represent employees who wish to challenge an imminent dismissal.

Our areas of expertise

Dismissal procedures are all in a day’s work for us. Our lawyers rapidly assess the validity of the alleged grounds for dismissal and the reasonableness of the proposed financial arrangements, and determine which approach and procedure offer the best chances of success.

We keep close tabs on the latest judicial trends – recent judgments, as well as anticipated changes to laws and regulations. As a result, we always have a clear idea of the possibilities and risks. And thanks to our extensive litigation experience, we are in an excellent position to project the outcome of a procedure.

This is how we do it

In our advisory work and during negotiations, we combine our enthusiasm for the profession with a keen sense of human interaction. We negotiate on behalf of our client, and litigate if necessary, “Rassers-style” - forcefully, thoroughly, creatively.

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A highly committed professional, Hans Erik has known our organisation longer than we have. He is a creative team player and always thinks five steps ahead.

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