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There is no such thing as a compleat lawyer when it comes to education law. Legal issues in the education sector almost always involve several areas of law. With the Education sector team, our clients benefit from an integrated approach.

Our services

We advise institutions from every education category, from primary schools to universities. In addition, our lawyers represent competent authorities, school boards, teachers, participation councils or parents/students. We litigate – if necessary – at every conceivable institution and court, from various professional councils/tribunals and District Courts and Courts of Appeal, up to the highest judicial authorities.

Our areas of expertise

Every area of law that could conceivably affect a client in the education sector is represented in the Education sector team. Combining sophisticated legal know-how with knowledge of the sector, we can guarantee a consistently high level of services for every type of question:

  • education law matters (e.g. supervision and inspection, funding, admissions/suspension/expulsion, binding study advice (on continuation of studies), accreditation);
  • employment law matters (e.g. inadequate performance, illness, employee representation, collective bargaining agreements, reorganisation, reprimands, dismissal procedures);
  • operational management topics (e.g. accommodation, GDPR, contracts and disputes, general terms and conditions, corporate governance).
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This is how we do it

Our approach is pragmatic, focused and comprehensive. We are familiar with the specific issues and mores of the education sector; this is enhanced by our lawyers’ extensive experience in business litigation and consultation.

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A highly committed professional, Hans Erik has known our organisation longer than we have. He is a creative team player and always thinks five steps ahead.

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Expert teams

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