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Planning and environmental law

Planning and environmental law comprises the collection of laws and regulations that govern the physical living environment. The physical living environment is a concept that covers buildings, infrastructure, water, soil, air, landscape, nature, and cultural heritage, among other things. Private individuals, entrepreneurs, institutions, and public authorities all engage in activities that affect the physical living environment. With dozens of laws and a multitude of decisions, planning and environmental law is quite fragmented. The lawyers at Rassers have a clear understanding of planning and environmental law and are familiar with all its ins and outs. They also have extensive litigation experience at venues up to and including the highest administrative courts.

Our services

We advise entrepreneurs, institutions, private individuals and public authorities on questions and issues that involve planning and environmental law. We can guide you through the entire process, ranging from the submission of applications for integrated environmental permits and/or planning decisions to the exercise of legal remedies against denied and/or granted permits as well as planning changes.

Our areas of expertise

Our experience covers the entire spectrum of planning and environmental law, including:

  • Spatial planning (zoning plans, integrated environmental permits, etc.)
  • Environmental law (environmental permits, noise/vibration, air quality, soil and soil contamination, water, waste, asbestos, odour, external safety, environmental impact assessments, environmental liability)
  • Events (e.g. permits for music events, sports events, etc.)
  • Nature conservation
  • Rijkswaterstaat works management (permits for the use of Rijkswaterstaat works, e.g. dykes and roads).
  • Loss resulting from government planning decisions
  • Expropriation
  • Route decisions
  • Compensation for loss resulting from administrative acts

This is how we do it

We think in terms of solutions, look beyond the legal parameters. Our focus also extends to the client’s underlying interests. Our goal is invariably to reach a good and expeditious solution. When all else fails, we are not afraid to litigate.

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A highly committed professional, Hans Erik has known our organisation longer than we have. He is a creative team player and always thinks five steps ahead.

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