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If your company has more than 50 employees, they are entitled to co-determination. The lawyers at Rassers help employers as well as works councils achieve optimum results within the legal framework.

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We advise works councils on their right to be consulted on proposals contemplated by the employer. Conversely, we also advise businesses unsure of whether a proposed change is subject to co-determination law. If necessary, we will litigate on behalf of our client.

Our areas of expertise

The team at Rassers combines specific know-how of co-determination law with expertise in adjacent disciplines within the field of employment law. We regularly use that expertise to answer queries arising in both the private and public sectors. And when it comes to litigation, we draw on our many years of experience litigating before the Enterprise Chamber and the subdistrict courts.

This is how we do it

We can be reached whenever you need reliable advice. This way, you can quickly determine whether co-determination is required, and which procedures needs to be followed. When more complex issues up to and including reorganisation and acquisition are involved, we help clients develop an effective strategy and issue communications accordingly.

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A highly committed professional, Hans Erik has known our organisation longer than we have. He is a creative team player and always thinks five steps ahead.

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