Disputes and liability

When there are major interests at stake, financial or otherwise, it is now more important than ever to keep a cool head and determine a strategy that will give the highest chances of success. This is something at which Rassers’ litigation experts excel.

Our services

We advise, assist and litigate on behalf of our clients in a wide range of disputes, including intracompany disputes (e.g. between shareholders) as well as disputes between trading parties. In addition, we represent clients embroiled in liability proceedings in their capacity as directors, supervisory board members or professional practitioners. We represent clients in proceedings before district courts, the Enterprise Chamber, in arbitration, and in alternative forms of dispute resolution, e.g. mediation.

Our areas of expertise

The lawyers at Rassers combine their exceptional familiarity with the case file with strong tactical insights, thus enabling them to accurately appraise the outcome of strategic choices. This, in turn, helps them select the most promising course of action.

When executing the chosen strategy, we are always out for the win while remaining acutely aware of the commercial interests at stake. We strive at all cost to find a solution. And we are prepared to litigate dauntlessly and with sophisticated argumentation, as required.

This is how we do it

  • we begin with an accurate appraisal of your legal position;
  • we then evaluate your chances of success based on the facts, circumstances, and case law;
  • we perform an analysis to determine what is ultimately the most beneficial route to take in your particular situation: seek a settlement or pursue litigation leading to a final judgment;
  • we plot a strategy, always thinking several steps ahead.

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Annemarie Beljaars
Annemarie Beljaars

Annemarie Beljaars

Lawyer / Partner

“Whether it’s a takeover or dispute procedure: I am always prepared to assist a client in tense times. The trick to earning a client’s trust is to exude calm and confidence and of course to achieve an optimal outcome in both legal and commercial terms.”