Financial difficulties and bankruptcy law

Rassers assists companies in dire financial straits with its extensive experience and expertise in bankruptcy law.

Our services

Rassers is regularly appointed by the court to act as the bankruptcy trustee in major and/or complicated bankruptcy proceedings. But we also help companies and individual directors prevent this from happening in the first place. Our long track record in handling bankruptcies makes us especially well-equipped to assess and anticipate the consequences of financial difficulties.

Our areas of expertise

We advise and litigate in areas such as:

  • credit line cancellations by banks and other financiers;
  • divestment of loss-making activities and other restructurings;
  • negotiations with stakeholders such as banks, creditors, employees, shareholders and tax authorities;
  • directors’ powers and liabilities in case of financial difficulties;
  • disputes about security and recovery (e.g. actio pauliana).

This is how we do it

Speed of action is crucial when financial difficulties are at hand. That is why we opt for a small, agile team in such cases – with a great deal of expert knowledge, short lines and a pragmatic approach. They have the pluck and ready knowledge to make clear choices in overwhelming situations.

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