Commercial contracts

As an entrepreneur, you have only one chance to conclude an agreement on the best possible terms. The lawyers at Rassers can draft a solid contract and provide sound contract management support. We also provide a helping hand in the event of disputes.

Our services

We draft and review contracts and negotiate on your behalf. We are happy to share our thoughts on how to optimally arrange the collaboration between enterprises. We provide stepping stones for adequate contract management and can advise on matters including contract renewal, termination with or without giving notice, and amending (general or other) terms and conditions. If a dispute nevertheless arises, we will not hesitate to stand up for your interests, if need be in legal proceedings.

For many clients, we act as an external company lawyer; we provide them with concrete and speedy answers to their commercial questions.

Our areas of expertise

Our focus is on commercial contracts in the B2B segment, including general terms and conditions. A few examples:

  • commercial contracts and cooperation agreements (e.g. procurement and sales, distribution, agency, franchise, licensing);
  • related agreements, for example in the areas of IT, letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality agreements and SLAs;
  • international contracts;
  • long-term business relationships and successive performance contracts;
  • specific contracts such as leases, tenancy agreements and processing agreements (in accordance with the GDPR).

This is how we do it

As experts in contract law, we take a pragmatic and proactive approach to our duties. Rather than confine ourselves to just the legal perspective, we act as sparring partners who also view things from an entrepreneurial angle while keeping a close eye on the business interests at stake.

Combining knowledge of your business with our many years of legal expertise, we are able to carefully assess and then obviate risk. Thanks to our experience at litigation, we are able to predict how courts will view specific contracts and contract provisions, thus avoiding pitfalls. Anticipating them helps limit the risk of disputes. Should it nevertheless come to this, we are always prepared to litigate on your behalf.