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Building and construction disputes

Day-to-day building practices can give rise to all sorts of disputes. Rassers helps its clients to stand firm stance when they find themselves embroiled in a dispute, quickly and efficiently determine an effective strategy, and limit any ensuing damage.

Our services

We settle disputes constructively and with great care while maintaining a keen focus on the best possible outcome for the client. We advise on the steps that need to be taken and take care of correspondence and negotiations. Should it prove necessary, we do not hesitate to litigate, e.g. before the civil courts, the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry or the Netherlands Arbitration Institute.

Our areas of expertise

Our lawyers have extensive experience with disputes involving non-contractually budgeted but performed work, contractually budgeted but non-performed work, work delays, structural and engineering defects, and design errors in large and complex projects. We are also fully experienced with a wide range of conditions and regulations, such as the Uniform Administrative Conditions for the Execution of Works (UAV 2012 and UAV-GC 2005).

This is how we do it

We advise and assist in compiling and maintaining a robust and comprehensive file. The aim is always to avert legal action with proper preparation and targeted negotiation. If all else fails, the file, combined our extensive litigation experience, forms the basis for forceful action with a focus on achieving results.


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A highly committed professional, Hans Erik has known our organisation longer than we have. He is a creative team player and always thinks five steps ahead.

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