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Public service law

At present, public servants still have semi-autonomous status in Dutch employment law. Specialised public service law lawyers at Rassers assist public servants at risk of having their legal status infringed upon.

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We support and represent public servants in all sorts of decisions that affect their employment status, from intended dismissal to salary adjustments, official reviews, suspensions and reassignments.

Our areas of expertise

Since public servants do not work on the basis of an employment contract but instead are appointed, their status differs fundamentally from that of ‘regular’ employees. For example, dismissal proceedings are conducted before an administrative court and special objection and appeal procedures apply. Our lawyers are well-versed in public service law, an area of expertise in its own right. This situation is scheduled to be ‘standardised’ in 2020, at which point transitional law will apply.

This is how we do it

Our Employment Law practice group includes specialised lawyers who scrutinise the administrative law aspects of the employment status. Swift action is required once we learn of an intended decision. We meet with the client to analyse the situation and to ensure that the right procedures are initiated in a timely manner and supported by solid arguments.

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