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Calls to tender

Rules on tendering are in part meant to provide transparency on the award of public contracts. Yet applying those rules correctly and understanding their implications is an art unto itself. Rassers’ tendering experts have mastered every aspect of the process.

Our services

Our lawyers support contracting authorities and candidates at every stage of the tendering cycle – from drafting and reviewing tender documents to posing and answering questions and, if necessary, initiating summary proceedings.

Our areas of expertise

We are knowledgeable about every aspect of Dutch and European legislation. In addition, we draw on our firm’s years of experience representing a wide range of clients ranging from architects to fitters and contractors, from medium-sized construction companies to listed (national and international) enterprises. We also have extensive litigation experience. 

This is how we do it

We act as a sparring partner for contracting authorities in the preparation of tender documents. We help candidates identify the pitfalls in tender documents and make sure clients ask the right questions. We tackle problems before they arise, nip them in the bud, with proactive and decisive action.

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Client reviews

A highly committed professional, Hans Erik has known our organisation longer than we have. He is a creative team player and always thinks five steps ahead.

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