Mark Littooij

“Few cases are cut-and-dried, black and white; most fall into in the grey area somewhere in between. The trick is to cast details from the grey area that need accentuation in just the right light. This is often what tips the scales.”

Mark Littooij

The scope of my practice

My speciality is civil construction law; this often involves disputes between (head) contractors and their principals or subcontractors as a result of design or execution errors, defects that fall under guarantee, contract variations (e.g. contractually budgeted but non-performed work, work performed but not contractually budgeted), and time limits (deadlines). In addition, as one of the two cassation lawyers at Rassers, I am accordingly qualified to litigate civil cases before the Supreme Court.

Approaching a case from the best angle

The great thing about this profession is the intellectual challenge of the legal battleground. I always enjoy determining which of the facts and circumstances put forward by the client will play a starring role in the case and then arguing them to the client’s advantage.

Attorney-client synergy

My clients can obviously count on my knowledge and skills, but also on my commitment to their case. My fondest memories are of cases in which I was able to combine my legal expertise and creativity with the client’s own input. I find that attorney-client synergy and collaboration always yield the best results!

  • Dutch Law, Maastricht University, 2005
  • Association of Cassation Attorneys
  • ​Association of Construction Law Attorneys

Mark Littooij is registered with the Netherlands Bar Association as a specialist in:

  • Real estate Law
  • Cassation (sub-right area: civil)

This obliges him to obtain ten study points in his registered fields of law each calendar year in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar Association.