Günes Güntekin

“Making a case for somebody else - that is what makes the legal profession so beautiful. Clients entrust me with their interests. That is a privilege, and you must never betray that trust.”

Günes Güntekin

The scope of my practice

At Rassers, I have gained experience in all aspects of business law, with an emphasis on acquisitions, participations and joint ventures, particularly for larger SMEs. I also litigate in corporate and takeover disputes.

Making a case for somebody else

The legal profession is a beautiful profession. You are entrusted with making somebody else's case. I am always strongly aware of the trust that individuals place in me. You must not betray that trust under any circumstances. I always do everything in my power to make the most of my client’s legal position.

Cultural transitions

Many of the files I work on are international in nature. This not only means that a large part of my work is conducted in English but also that I have to be able to identify with individuals from a range of backgrounds. Since I am a product of various cultures myself, I have been adept from an early age at making such ‘transitions’. I often derive great benefit from this in my work.

  • Dutch Law, Tilburg University
  • Business Club Breda
Additional activities

• Guest lecturer in business law for clients, business associates, and network organisations

Recent activities
  • assisting shareholders of AED-Partner (largest and independent AED trademark in the Benelux) at the acquistion by SK FireSafety Group (products and systems in (fire)safety), december 2019. see: link 
  • assisting CVS Group Plc with the processing and acquisition of various veterinary practices (2018);
  • assisting shareholders of Van Leusden B.V. (specialised in customised hoisting and lifting solutions for maritime and offshore use) with the sale and transfer of 37.5% of their shares to Kito Europe GmbH, part of KITO Group, a global supplier with high market shares in Japan and North America (2018);
  • assisting Shred-it Netherlands B.V. (a global market leader in the field of information security) with the acquisition of the archive and data destruction business of Van der Elst B.V.;
  • assisting Van Oorschot Heavy Lift B.V. (one of the largest crane dealers in the Netherlands) with the acquisition of the French company ABC Location Matériels SARL and the participation by the Spanish company Gruas Larios in Van Oorschot Heavy Lift B.V.
  • (2017);
  • assisting app developer StepOrange B.V. with the sale and transfer of part of its business to the Belgian company ABSI SA (2017);
  • assisting the cooperative Horticoop with its participation in Mardenkro B.V. together with the French company Sudlac SAS (2016);
  • assisting the family business Rüttchen with the sale of Rüttchen Automotive's dealer activities to the family business Louwman Group (2016);
  • assisting shareholders of Bettinehoeve (largest producer of fresh and aged goat cheese in the Benelux) with the sale of a partial interest to Swiss cheese producer Emmi (2016);
  • assisting with the sale and transfer of Henningsen Nederland B.V. to the Japanese company Ariake Japan.

Günes Güntekin is registered with the Netherlands Bar Association as a specialist in:

  • Business Law

This obliges her to obtain ten study points in her registered field of law each calendar year in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar Association.