Annemarie Beljaars

“Whether it’s a takeover or dispute procedure: I am always prepared to assist a client in tense times. The trick to earning a client’s trust is to exude calm and confidence and of course to achieve an optimal outcome in both legal and commercial terms.”

Annemarie Beljaars

The scope of my practice

I frequently represent parties in(international) mergers and acquisitions but am also quite active in corporate litigation, especially when intra-company disputes are involved. In cases like that, in addition to litigating, I serve in the capacity of advisor and negotiating partner - at the Netherlands Enterprise Court at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, among other venues.

A compliment from the opposing party

My greatest compliment was given by the opposing party in an acquisition procedure. Although we had engaged in heated debate, he was impressed by my approach; both he and his company have been clients of ours for years in the meantime!

An eye for detail and a people-based approach

Practical, to the point, and highly principled. I get things done - but if I can’t, I promise to be honest with you. And I have an eye for detail. Methodical and structured work methods leave you more time to devote attention to the individual. That's how it works at home with my family - and the same applies to working with employees and clients.

  • Dutch Law, Leiden University, 1993
  • After three years as an in-house legal counsel, I made the switch to lawyering, initially at Houthoff Buruma in Rotterdam, where I specialised in corporate law.
  • I have been active as a lawyer for 23 years, the last twelve years at Rassers.
  • Corporate Litigation Association (VCL)
  • Dutch Association for Procedural Law (NVvP)
Recent transactions that I have supervised
  • assisting Salzgitter Mannesman Staalhandel B.V. (part of the listed Salzgitter AG) with the acquisition of Statendam Steal Platers (December 2019) 

  • assistance of the shareholders of AED-Partner (largest and independent AED trademark in the Benelux) at the acquistion by SK FireSafety Group (products and systems in (fire)safety), december 2019. see: link 

  • ​assistance of One of A Kind Technology, in acquiring KOAT B.V. (robotics and transport systems for horticulture (August 2019)

  • assistance of several vetinary clinics over all in the Netherlands 
  • assisting (the holders of) the Elektravon Groep installation group with the sale of the (shares in the) company to De Groot Installatiegroep (2019)
  • assistance of Rompa Group (international plastics moulding specialist from Tilburg) with the acquisition of ITB Group (internationally operating plastics and metal company in Boxtel), (2019)
  • assisting the founders of Nostradamus (software for the hospitality industry) in the acquisition by (Canadian) Total Specific Solutions; ("TSS") (2019)
  • assisting the founders of MK2 Groep (specialist in audio visual conferencing) with the sale of their company to Kinly (a participation of Avedon Capital Partner) (2018)
Other activities
  • Guest lecturer in Corporate Law with clients, business relations and network organisations
  • Publicist of a magazine about corporate law, about 5 times a year (not available in English)
  • Board member parent's association Stedelijk Gymnasium Breda

Annemarie Beljaars is registered with the Netherlands Bar Association as a specialist in:

  • Business Law
  • Law of Civil Procedure

This obliges her to obtain ten study points in her registered fields of law each calendar year in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar Association.