Our history

Our history

Rassers is a law firm with a rich history. And a reputation that has been built up over the course of many decades.

The early years

Adriaan Rassers was sworn in as a lawyer in 1907; at the time, he was one of only twenty lawyers practising in the district of Breda. Soon after establishing a practice in Roosendaal, he earned a reputation as a redoubtable criminal defence lawyer and, even then, as a civil attorney representing– businesses of all sizes.

He was also active on the contract law front. In 1909, for example, he drew up contract provisions for the first flight of an aircraft over Dutch territory.

Growth and commitment

In 1923, Rassers moved to Breda, which was expanding at an unprecedented pace at the time. Operating from the Sophiastraat, Rassers was able to evolve into the largest law firm in the region.

In 1938, Adriaan Rassers was appointed Dean of the Supervisory Council and Board of Discipline in the Breda judicial district. Three other lawyers at Rassers later followed in his footsteps. Rassers provided the Bar Association with several chairmen and in 1957 one of our lawyers co-authored the Legal Aid Act (Wet op de rechtsbijstand).


By the 1960s, Rassers had firmly established itself as not only the largest but also the most renowned law firm in the region. The Rassers name has come to be synonymous with integrity and high quality. Almost all of Breda's main industrial companies - from Hero to Kwatta - were clients of Rassers clientele during that period.

Rassers has enjoyed a sterling reputation in the legal community since the 1960s: self-confident, hard-working and assertive. Lawyers who consistently do the utmost for their clients.

Focus and professionalisation

The legal profession experienced considerable change in the 1970s and 1980s. Law firms were increasingly transforming themselves into commercial enterprises, and Rassers was quick to stake out a position on this rapidly evolving playing field. Although it was prepared to adopt a more commercial and entrepreneurial approach, it decided against mergers and the establishment of new branches as a means of expansion. Quality and independence were key, as they continue to be today.

This has always been an important reason for Rassers to stay true to its 'hub philosophy': concentrating the entirety of its know-how and manpower at one location so that clients can benefit from the interaction and collaboration of specialised lawyers. Over time, the focus has slowly shifted to the current mainstays of business law, employment law, and construction and government.